Choose An Expert Roofing Contractor In Canada

expert roofing contractor in canada

When thinking about residential or commercial building improvement projects, hiring expert roofing contractors means “trying to do it right for the very first time.". Your roofing system isn’t just a part of your structure; it's an important defense mechanism against unpredictable factors. If the outer structure of the building is well-constructed and properly presented, it is obvious that the inside of the building will also be well-protected.

Whether you are getting a small crack repaired or replacing the roof, the contractor you choose will not only determine the quality but also how well it protects your home from adverse conditions.

After knowing the essentiality of hiring the right contractor, don't you know where to turn? This article is to guide you from the beginning.

Types of Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors are skilled professionals who have expertise in various aspects related to roofing, such as installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Here are its three main types.

Residential Roofing Contractor

It caters to the needs of individual homeowners. Although residential roofing services is less complicated as compared to others, you need to choose an expert contractor for greater durability.

Commercial Roofing Contractor

It focuses on non-residential projects such as office complexes, warehouses, and retail stores. Their main focus is to provide long-lasting and reliable solutions to ensure the integrity and longevity of structures in the commercial sector by using materials like EPDM, modified bitumen, etc.

Industrial Roofing Contractor

Contractors must be skilled in handling large-scale units such as industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and factories.

Tips For Choosing An Expert Roofing Contractor


Many companies provide specific training programs to their contractors to ensure that projects are safely and carefully handled. Ask your contractor about their training and experience.

Ensure Proper Insurance

Confirm that the contractor has both worker's compensation insurance (protects contractors injured while working) and liability insurance (protects your building if the contractor damages it while working).

Check Credentials And Licenses

Verify that the contractor is licensed in British Columbia and also ask them about their credentials, such as their tax identification number, business website, email address, and contact phone number.

Although having a license to work as a roofer is not mandatory in British Columbia, we recommend hiring a roofer with a license. Having a license proves that the contractor is serious about their work and is up-to-date according to recent technological trends.

Get A Formal Contract

When choosing a professional roofing contractor, get a formal contract. A formal contract clearly outlines specifics, timelines, costs, payment terms and materials, and any warranties or guarantees included. It also contains a dispute resolution mechanism. If your contractor doesn’t provide you with this, switch to another one.

A formal contractor protects you as well as the contractor and ensures that everyone is on the same page, minimizing potential misunderstandings. A well-drafted contract is a sign of commitment and professionalism towards work.

Avoid Cash Payments

Avoid cash payments while doing any transaction. Although it can’t be completely avoided, try to minimize it. Opt for transparent and secure payment methods such as credit cards, cheques, or electronic transfers. In the event of any dispute, cash is not traceable.

Genuine contractors prefer invoices, transparent transactions, and receipt of all payments. It acts as proof of payment for the services taken and also enhances financial accountability.

Discuss About Permits

It is essential to talk about various permits with your contractor. If your contractor asks you to neglect permits to save money, it is better to move on to the next one. A professional contractor will give importance to the contracting system, demonstrating their commitment to the legal system as well as quality work. The permitting system ensures that the project meets safety standards and local BC building codes.

Emphasis On Self-Education

Educate yourself too, rather than completely relying on the contractor. Take some time to better understand your roofing damage, whether it is just minor damage, moisture damage, or structural damage. Understanding this will also give you confidence that all the work is done in the right manner. Familiarize yourself with the industry standards, best practices, and certificates. For acquiring this knowledge, online resources work best. Armed with such precious knowledge, will help you make the right choice about the contractor.

Check References

Discussing the reference system is also essential when choosing a skilled professional. Request a list of past clients of the contractor and discuss with them the contractor’s behavior and work done. Also, discuss with them adherence to the terms and timeliness. It will provide you with valuable insights about craftsmanship. Additionally, go through the website if they have any and read about testimonials and online reviews.

Have Some Patience

Finding the right contractor for you will take some time. You have to do research at your level, and you can also ask for recommendations from your friends, family, and neighbors. Contact as many potential contractors as possible and choose the best one for you. Choose an experienced roofing company that provides high-quality work to clients.

Discuss The Price

Consider price as the essential factor but not the sole determinant, as quality matters more than quantity. Be cautious of subpar materials and poor craftsmanship. Aim for a competitive and reasonable price that aligns with industry standards. So, in short, focus on the value of money, ensuring that you receive durable and quality work that justifies your cost.

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