Free Estimates

Free Estimates

Our professional estimators have years of training expertise in all kinds of roofing projects. Many of our estimators achieve a "Gold Seal Certification" from the Canadian Construction Association. This certification indicates a high standard of industry knowledge, educational requirements and professional experience. Free estimates are standard operating procedures for us. We can usually get the building looked at the next day and estimates will follow by fax within two more business days.

Call us for a free estimate now, or fill in the form below, and that will start the process right away!

Special requests can be made for quicker service but that depends on the workload of estimators.

If a leak needs to be estimated for repair New World Roofing Roofing requires inside access to view the leak and determine the relative area of the deficiency on the roof. For complete re-roofing estimates, inside access is not required.

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  • Preventative Maintenance Program*

    Date: 27/08/2010

    New World Roofing Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to help minimize costly repairs and extend the life of your roof and drain system. Annual inspections are conducted to spot any potential problem areas. ...
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  • Equipment

    Date: 25/08/2010

    To keep New World Roofing running smoothly, we continually reinvest in the company, purchasing business equipment that will make us more responsive to your needs. ...
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