Learn The Truth About The Various Aspects of Flat Roofing Systems

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Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular because of their clean look and easy maintenance. Are you considering a flat roof for your commercial or residential property? Consulting with a flat roof company in Vancouver is the best way to opt for professional installation.

Flat roof structures are witnessing a growth in popularity, and it is easy to see why. What makes flat roofs popular is that they are customizable. Based on your preferences, the roofing company can make the roof durable, leak-proof and aesthetically pleasing. Contrary to their name, flat roofs are not entirely flat. They usually feature a slight slope known as a pitch to prevent the accumulation of water. Are you mulling on a flat roof installation for your home or commercial property? If so, then let’s find out about the various aspects of a flat roof structure.

Types of Flat Roofs You Should Be Aware of

Before installing a flat roof in your home or commercial property, you should be aware of its types. Here are the types of flat roofing systems to be aware of.

PVC Membrane Flat Roofing System

PVC membranes are lightweight, flame-resistant and recyclable. Flat roofing structures comprising PVC membranes are also resistant to UV rays. This type of roof is flexible and highly customizable. However, it requires expert installation.

Built-up Flat Roofing System

You can contact the flat roof constractors in Vancouver to learn more about this type of flat roofing system. Built-up roofs are manufactured from gravel and hot tar. They also comprise various layers of water-resistant ply sheets.

Because of multiple layers, this roof type is heavier when compared to others. However, the built-up flat roofing system is flame-resistant.

Thermoplastic Membrane Flat Roofing System

The thermoplastic membrane is typically white and has similar properties to PVC membranes. Note that it comprises a single membrane which makes it lightweight. Due to its natural white color, it reflects the sun, which reduces your energy bills. This type of roof is highly flexible and hence customizable.

Flat Roofing System with Modified Bitumen

The best flat roofing company would usually make you aware of the various build materials. Modified bitumen flat roofs contain two or three layers of bitumen sheets. It usually comes in light color shades, which reflect sunlight and saves your energy bills.

But note that modified bitumen roofs should be installed only by professionals.

What are Some Intriguing Facts about Flat Roofing System?

Flat roofs are your best bet when the context is about covering a large structure. Moreover, in commercial buildings, the most recommended practice is to install flat roofs. Here are some interesting facts that you should know before installing flat roofs.

  • 1. Flat roofs are not genuinely flat! A well-engineered flat roof usually contains slopes that prevent rainwater from accumulating on its surface.
  • 2. Flat roofs should be installed and repaired by professionals. All too often, people usually make the mistake of hiring contractors who have experience with sloped roofing installation. If you want to install flat roof structures, consult flat roofing experts.
  • 3. The best flat roofing company would insulate the flat roof to help you save on energy consumption.
  • 4. Flat roofs are quite popular among commercial buildings. Many organizations use flat surfaces to store their HVAC machines.
  • 5. Flat roofs in residential properties provide homeowners with limitless opportunities. You can easily convert the flat surface into gardens or workout centers.

Why Choose A Professional To Carry Out Flat Roofing Repairs?

Whether you are installing or repairing a flat roof, it is imperative to seek the help of a professional. Professional roofing companies would help you save the hassles associated with installing or repairing.

These professionals play important roles, not only during the repair or installation process but at the commencement of the project. It would be even greater if you opt for a professional roofing contractor. Roofing companies, as well as contractors, have immense expertise in installing and repairing any roof. Here are some of the factors you should consider while selecting a top flat roofing company.

  • 1. Choose a roofing company that has a reputation for providing the highest quality of service
  • 2. Opt for a contractor who can help you implement sound and effective decisions
  • 3. Select a roofing company that has the requisite insurance and certification to execute flat roof repair and installation
  • 4. The roofing company should possess a fully trained team of experts
  • 5. You must provide a second thought while selecting flat roofing companies. Remember that you cannot change the roof of your property frequently. Hence, your main priority is to opt for a certified and highly trained roofing company. After selecting the right flat roofing contractor or company, you should inquire about the quotes. Consider your budget and preferences while communicating your requirements to them.

It is imperative for you to provide a second thought while selecting flat roofing companies. Remember that you cannot change the roof of your property frequently. Hence, your main priority is to opt for a certified and highly trained roofing company. After selecting the right flat roofing contractor or company, you should inquire about the quotes. Consider your budget and preferences while communicating your requirements to them.

The Popularity of Installing Flat Roofs On Commercial Structures

  • Undoubtedly, the exterior of commercial property gets the maximum amount of attention. People usually notice the types of materials used along with the color scheme. But one facet of commercial buildings which should receive due attention is roofing.
  • Prospective clients usually don’t notice roofs while visiting the property for the first time. However, the top is a crucial component to the overall success of the commercial entity. Furthermore, the design and structural integrity of the roof is integral for the successful operation of the business.
  • Any commercial building nowadays opts for a flat roofing structure because of a wide variety of benefits. Business owners usually consult commercial roofing companies to install flat roofs on their commercial establishments. Here are some advantages of installing a balanced roofing system on a commercial structure.
    1. 1. Flat roofs are easier to install, which results in low initial installation costs
    2. 2. Flat roofing systems are easily accessible for periodic repairs and maintenance
    3. 3. These types of roofs provide better resistance to wind and decrease the extent of damage from storms
    4. 4. Commercial entities can store mechanical equipment on the labeled surface of flat roofs
    5. 5. Promotes energy efficiency to a great extent
  • It is highly advisable to opt for the services of the best roofing companies in Surrey. Considerable experience in installing flat roof structures is pretty essential.

Repairing Flat Roofing Systems And Why It Is Vital

  • While a flat roof can offer numerous advantages over a sloped surface, it is not immune to water penetration issues. Like a pitched roof, a flat roof can require periodic inspection and leak repair.
  • Moreover, after the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, you should consult professionals to carry out checks on the roof. Here are some other reasons which are responsible for damaging the integrity of flat roofing structures.
    1. 1. Excessive accumulation of water on the roof’s surface
    2. 2. Improper installation of the roof
    3. 3. Extreme exposure to UV rays
    4. 4. Shoddy maintenance checks and efforts
    5. 5. Punctures from rooftop installation of equipment
  • In a majority of cases, a full inspection by a qualified roofing contractor would help in sorting out the issues. They would also be able to identify the situations which require immediate attention from homeowners.
  • Qualified roofing companies can even replace your roof in a quick time, thereby limiting disruption. Timely maintenance and inspection would save you from the hassles of roof replacement. Roof replacement is quite expensive, which can be an issue.

Drainage of the Flat Roof

It is imperative to check the drainage system of the flat roof right after installation. The best roofing companies in Surrey would provide you with a detailed overview of the repair work done by them. But when you are hiring other companies, always be aware. It is a good idea to inspect the roof in the presence of the roofing contractors. Accumulation of water is a severe issue that can potentially harm your house’s ceilings and walls. Here are some FAQs which would shed a clear light on the various facets of flat roofing systems


Do Flat Roofs require Maintenance?

Irrespective of the type of roof, you should opt for periodic maintenance. Periodic maintenance can save you from the hassles associated with a complete roof replacement.

How long do Flat Roofs Last?

Flat roofs are popular because most of them come with ten to twenty years of warranty. A majority of them last for more than twenty-five years if you maintain them correctly.

Will Flat Roofs Leak?

Any roof will leak if you are not serious about its maintenance. More than 90% of roofs circulate water because of the unwillingness of owners to opt for regular maintenance. If your roof is old and dilapidated in many places, promptly contact a roofing company.

Are Flat Roofs a Practical Choice?

Flat roofs are a practical option for commercial as well as residential installations. When installed in residential spaces, you can use the flat roofs for gardening purposes. On the other hand, commercial properties can use a flat roof for storing equipment. When you find out that your flat roof isn’t performing well, reach out to professionals promptly. Consider the things mentioned above before seeking professional help.

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